Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'M ENGAGED... To Johnny Lingo.

Well if you haven't heard it as of yet, it's true, SPENCER AND I ARE ENGAGED. Before I get to the actual events of the proposal, I'm going to start from the beginning, which is a very good place to start... well not the exact beginning of Spencer and I falling in love but just the part where he asked my dad if he could marry me. Spencer came out here on August 5th and ensured me that he wasn't bringing a ring for me. On a rather slow day at work Spencer left the office for a few hours here and there running "errands". Little did I know in that time he had sat down with my dad, asked him, gone to lunch with him, and even picked out a spot on a dock on the Chattahoochee river where he would actually pop the question... And how he got the go ahead from little Marky Mark you ask? STEAKS. 8 FAT STEAKS. Similar to the 8 cow wife theory seen on Johnny Lingo. They both laughed about the idea and just a few hours later Spencer and I were officially engaged 08.08.08.