Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Spencer enjoyed (or not exactly) boiled peanuts. We dressed in bathrobes from the hotel. We went to a lame planetarium. We saw the Alligator Farm. We had a late night dinner at Denny's. And spent a little time on the beach.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Spencer FINALLY came.

Well the countdown is finally over, and so it seems my summer is as well. Spencer finally came- and went. The shortest week of my life. We had a lot of fun (or atleast I did)... We went to St. Augustine for a few days and had fun on the 6 hour drive to Florida as my parents informed Spencer of every single embarrassing truth about me. St. Augustine was awesome. We saw a lot of things in a short amount of time and did a lot of sweeeeating. It was really hot and humid there. We saw the "Oldest School House" (which a mannequin informed us about), we saw the Fountain of Youth (WEEEEIRDEST THING EVER) we went to The Alligator Farm, went on a trolley tour, The Old Jail and many other places. Atlanta attractions were fun too. Spencer had a MARTA moment of his own. We went to a Braves game, Stone Mountain, and Downtown Atlanta.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, if you look back to posts from Summer '06, you'll find that I'm no rookie when it comes to working in the fireworks business. Since I'm working full-time at the Dermatologist office, I worked a few nights doing PRE-orientation work. Getting papers and trinkets together that were to be handed out. Orientation fortunately landed on a Monday, which is our day off, so I was also able to help out at the actual event. People from all over Georgia that are selling fireworks come to the orientation to get their supplies (cash registers, tents, fireworks, etc.) so that they are prepared for the week of July 4th. The most interesting people come to this orientation. People of all different shapes, colors and false teeth sets. To make the day a little more interesting for myself I decided to put DORIS on my name tag. I guess in honor of Grandma Salmon. I worked at the registration table, so I'd tell people to make their name tags, and I'd hand them their designated folder for their specific selling area. These folders were filled with contracts, papers, and extra name tags for when they sell. Some people would say "Thanks Doris!" And I would smile really big. On one occasion, a man was apparently talking to me for quite some time and eventually said to me with a raised voice "HELLLLOOOO.... EARTH TO DORIS..." And I just started laughing. My dad snapped these lovely pictures of me after arriving home at 1:30am. a 14 hour work day. I don't recommend it.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

One year older and wiser too...

As of June 1st- Nathan is now officially an adult.
Holy smokes my parents are old.
Once you're 18 years old, you're an adult--with the same rights and responsibilities as an 87 year old.The only exceptions that come to mind are the age to legally drink alcohol and to gamble. You must be 21 years of age. Those are two exceptions, applied in all States, to the Federal law. So being 18, means you are an adult... which in the United States means that you are also eligible for voting--however, being Canadian, Nathan, nor I (or anyone else in our family except Matt) can vote. Too bad Nate. 18 is just another crumby birthday.