Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby Crib

Since the beginning of the semester we have been practicing this tradition-- girls from our tower and neighboring apartments have joined in. About once a week we push our couches together in a certain fashion to form an oversized baby crib. we watch movies, sleep, and eat in the crib for a long time until we all feel so disgusting and homeless that we get ready for the day, shower and clean up the family room. its the best sleeping arrangement we have discovered yet.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Camo Party.

Well Pinnacle (one of the MANY alarm companies in Rexburg) put on a Camo party a few weeks ago. It was kind of stupid, and they even asked us to PAY!!! however we avoided the paying by chatting with the guy at the door and walking in. I'm happy we didn't pay because the party itself was stupid. The reason we usually go to those parties is for the FREE pizza and drinks. AND THERE WEREN'T EITHER! The music wasn't that good, and 45 minutes or so into it the power went out. That's when we realized we should leave. We spent the rest of the night watching movies in our cam
o gear, most of which I bought at the army surplus store. I LOVE IT THERE. everything is cheap, and EVERYTHING is CAMO! I found a pirate flag for $4.00 and now it hangs on my wall.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Village People

I know halloween was over a month ago, but I'm playing catchup now with my blog. I'm going to try to get up to date by the end of the week with the recent events and things by doing a blog a day (HOPEFULLY!) Anyway, Halloween was fun we went as the YMCA Village People. Courtney-Construction Worker, Keali-Indian, Paige-Army Character, Kaitlan- Police Officer, Me- Biker (Danielle was suppose to be the cowboy but she ditched us for her boyfriend on Halloween!!!) Check out my SWEET Cougar tattoo...